Science Moustache

Science Moustache

Science Moustache! Did you know that science and DNA and all the magical (well, more like scientific) wonders (again, more like years of painstaking research and experiments and failure and more research and more experiment, well, you get the drift) are on everyone’s lips nowadays? It is fascinating indeed. It does sound magical. For a lot of us, most of the scientific discoveries could not arrive any faster. So this is our tribute. A bit hipster-ish, yes maybe, but also so awesome! Did you see the colourful DNA strand? Neat, right?And the pipe with the molecules? And all those awesome discovery ideas just brewing in that scientific bowler hat *gg*? How do you like it? Any thoughts? Want to share your scientific discoveries? I am very curious. Drop me a line!

And let me know what you think of the design as well. And if you like it but prefer a different background colour (check it out on my RedBubble store, my Society6 store, my FineArtAmerica store or my DesignByHumans store), just let us know, we’re sure to figure something out!

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