Sunny Lines

A drop of color, a doodle, a line… a picture! Do you like abstract art? What do you think about it? Does it inspire you? I think abstract art can be both breathtaking and intriguing. It reflects what it is that you are currently feeling, it fits into your current […]

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The Doctor and the TARDIS

The Doctor and The TARDIS. Perfect combo 🙂 The travel, the adventures, the dangers, the saving the world and the universe – all you can dream of! All in one simple picture. Let me tell you one thing – the color of space travel is deep blue! For sure 🙂 […]

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You are driving me to the crazy!

Have you seen my previous design inspired by the animated movie telling the story of Oh, the Boov alien, on the run from the enemy Gorg, befriending Gratuity Tucci and having all the amazing adventures, searching for Gratuity’s (Tip’s) Mymom? This movie by DreamWorks is full of hilariousness and tenderness […]

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