You are driving me to the crazy…

To the Crazy 2.0

Have you seen the new animated movie Home telling the story of Oh, the Boov alien, on the run from the enemy Gorg? Once the Boov colonize Earth, Oh, this hilarious little guy, voiced by Jim Parsons (yay!), befriends Gratuity Tucci, (hello, Rhianna!) and the two of them have the most amazing adventures, searching for Gratuity’s (Tip’s) Mymom. I just watched it recently and thought it was amazing! I loved it! It was so crazy, touching and funny. And I enjoyed so much the English of Oh, that I could not miss out on the opportunity to make a design inspired by it 🙂 I hope you like it as much as me, enjoy!

I made this design in two different color palettes: a darker one, focused around purple/blue colors and a lighter one, with predominantly yellow/reddish colors.

So, if you want to get the design on your T-Shirt, check it out on my Redbubble store!

Let me know what you think!