Inktober 2019

Last year, that is 2019, I decided to take part in Inktober, a month-long project where an artist is encouraged to make an art piece a day (preferably in ink, but actually, anything works as long as one is staying creative). The theme of the daily art piece is set by a prompt that can be found on the official website of the project. (By the way, you can consult all the themes from previous years on the same website as well, if you are curious.) 


It was one challenging month! Especially since I knew I wanted to try and weave all the prompts into one more or less continuous/coherent story. But I learned a lot and I even started a series of YouTube videos to document my process and my progress.


And here are my art pieces, both the traditionally sketched/inked ones as well as the digitally revised pieces.

Day 1: ring

“Her ears started to ring… The ringing got so much she could barely handle it…”

Day 2: mindless


She was seeing double, she couldn’t think straight, she felt like she was losing her mind, like she was mindless… 

Day 4: freeze


“She felt goosebumps prickling her arms. A shiver ran through her entire body. And then the cold… She was sure she would never forget how debilitating, how overpowering it was, rising from her gut, freezing every cell in her body, turning her heart into solid ice.”

Day 5: build

Enough! The only way out is forward, she knew that much. To get there, to get anywhere, for that matter, she needed to build herself anew, from the ground up, taking in everything she has felt, learned, lived…

Day 6: husky


The husky weight of her past self was flaking off with every new, confident step she took, until she could finally shine in her new glory.

Day 7: enchanted


“The new enchanted world full of life, magic, beauty and adventure lay at her feet. She wasn’t scared anymore. She was ready.”

Day 8: frail


The flame, that was yet so frail, her flame, new flame, the flame of the new soul that came into this new enchanted world was lighting her way, cautiously but unwavering, timidly but unwearying.

Day 9: swing


“And just like that, with the music in her heart and swing in her feet, she set out on her adventure.

Day 10: Pattern


“”As every major adventurer, she regarded the business of adventuring as a no laughing matter. Every aspect of such a profound venture needed to be analysed, measured and executed with the outmost precision. And what is of utmost importance to every self-respecting adventurer? The armor and weapons, of course! So she collected the best patterns and blueprints of the most reliable gear she could find to create the most dependable equipment the world has ever known.”