Monthly Archives: April 2016

Science Moustache

Science Moustache! Did you know that science and DNA and all the magical (well, more like scientific) wonders (again, more like years of painstaking research and experiments and failure and more research and more experiment, well, you get the drift) are on everyone’s lips nowadays? It is fascinating indeed. It does sound magical. For a […]

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Tardis’ Allons-y v2.0

Tardis’ Allons-y v2.0, ladies and gentlemen! You might remember my previous TARDIS design. (By the way, you can get this design on a T-Shirt, pillow or anything else you want. Check it out on my Redbubble shop!) This time, I felt like playing with backgrounds a bit and put the Tardis against two types of background. Let me know […]

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You are driving me to the crazy…

Have you seen the new animated movie Home telling the story of Oh, the Boov alien, on the run from the enemy Gorg? Once the Boov colonize Earth, Oh, this hilarious little guy, voiced by Jim Parsons (yay!), befriends Gratuity Tucci, (hello, Rhianna!) and the two of them have the most amazing adventures, searching for Gratuity’s (Tip’s) Mymom. […]

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